Two Brand New Ipe Pool Decks for Upscale Miami Hotel

We've seen the blog posts and read the newspaper articles. We've also looked at the Ipe Decking Sales figures. It's official. It's definably becoming more and more popular for restaurants and hotels to use Ipe Decking as their choice of decking material for pool decks, bar decks and yes even the outdoor dining deck. The reasons are numerous, but before we get into that let's talk about the latest we've heard of down here in Florida.

The Gansevoort Hotel in Miami is a very upscale hotel. It has ocean views, a modeling agency on the 4th floor, and one look at their web site tells you they are definitely and upscale an establishment that cares about providing luxury, function and making things look beautiful. Ipe Decking follows these specifications in a grand manner.

Ipe Decking is a great choice for a Florida pool deck on the beach at a hotel (especially an upscale hotel!).